Regular Training:
When: Tuesday from 18:30 to 20:30
Where: Swimming Pool Amras (Städtisches Hallenbad Amras)
Bring: ABC-Equipment (mask, snorkel, fins), if you have: neoprene, weights, a watch with stop function

Irregular Training
On days with good weather conditions we go to our local lakes, preferred the Achensee. Sometimes we also train in the outdoor pool Tivoli. This is organised via Whatsapp.

You don´t need much at the beginning. Mask and snorkel or swimming goggles and fins (“normal” scuba diving fins too) is enough. If you don´t have own material yet maybe one of us can borrow you something suitable. This is also a great advantage if you want to buy your own equipment and don´t know yet what´s best for you. Fins, masks and suits are very different. Benefit from our knowledge and our experience.

Try out:
If you are interested you are welcome to try training with us. A training for non-members costs 10 EUR. Please understand that we limit the “try-out-session”. Decide after about three training sessions if becoming a member of is an option for you.